The Il Roccolo di Monticelli è in a small reality in “Vallata di Mezzane, near the city of Verona, born from the willing of recue an old vineyard from our family and producing a genuine wine, made only by our grapes, like it was made in the past.


This idea started together with Maurizio, my uncle, once we entered in the vineyard and stated thinking how wonderful would it be taking care of this place and producing a wine able to tell a story, the story of this land.

So we started, without a precise project, but only following what we our heart was telling usi t was right to do.

At the end of my university studies in Agricultural Science, I have been able to dedicate my self to a full time management of the vineyard, working everything first-hand and doing a respectful ad conservative agriculture.


Our goal is to produce genuine wines, which must represent the true expression of the land on which the vineyard grows. To reach this goal we aim to reduce as much as possible our interventions and the ones we must do are the least invasive as possible. For these reasons we do not use any chemical additive and we do not manipulate nature in any way, leaving it free to express itself. We constantly check the growth of our grapes in the vineyard and then the natural development of our wines in the cellar. Following this way we want to obtain from the environment in which the vineyard grows, all the best things it can give us!

This working method involves a great awareness of natural rhythms and shows all its beauty. It also gives a great importance to the relation between Man – Environment – Wine.

Everything is born from the continuous attention we give to the vineyard and its fruits. That is the only way to obtain healthy grapes: healthy wine can be produced only beginning from healthy grapes!












> The Vineyard

> The Olive Grove

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