We take to the cellar only mature and genuine grapes, obtained by a careful conduction of our vineyard, and we work them in a clean environment, from the machineries to everything else that is in contact with the wine everething is scrupulously clean before and after being used.

These elements allow us to work in an easy way, without using external products or doing strong manipulation to correct our wine.

We can say that in the cellar we follow the same philosophy as we do into the vineyard:

observation, respect, patience, trust, knowledge and awareness. These are the only ingredients and instruments really needed. The fermentation takes place spontaneously by indigenous yeasts. No outer products of any kind are added, no manipulation occurs during any of the phases of winemaking process, such as filtration, clarification or heavy temperature reduction.

We observe day after day the natural evolution of grape must into wine.

Our products are the result of how we work, they are healthy wines that smell of grapes.



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