Noi vignaioli siamo i custodi della terra, dobbiamo capire e valorizzare la vocazione del nostro territorio senza sfruttarlo.

Winegrowers are custodian of the soil, we must understand and valorize our ground’s vocation, without exploiting it.

Our starting point is the great admiration for the vineyard we have and that we work with enthusiam and respect. We work warding the soil in which our old vines grow and defending the biodiversity we have there.

The first traces of the presence of the vineyard are dated back in 1960s. This almost 60 years old vineyard gives us a small amount of grapes but every bunch that we harvest is of high quality.

We do not ask to these old ladies to produce more than what they already do. We just let them free to give us what the vintage, the ground and their age allow them to give. We are not interested in quantity but only in quality. For this reason we think we are lucky to deal with such an old vineyard.

In our vineyard there are only native varieties:

Garganega and Trebbiano are the White ones and Corvina is the Red one.



In the area where our “White” vineyard grows there is a graeat variability of soils, which are mostly composed by limestone.

This soils’ variability is not the only factor that determins the richness of the vineyard, there is another factor whiuch is the age of grapevines.

Our “old ladies”  grew up without any irrigation or fertilization so that they developed a remarkable adaptability.

The combination of all these factors – age, habit of stresses due to the limestone soil – and dedication and attention with which we follow the vineyard, allow it to give us grapes full of special organoleptic properties which we can find then in final product.

The work we do every day is aimed to look after both the old and the young grapevines – which we had to plant in order to fill the empties left by the natural death of some grapevines durinf the vineyard life.

The breeding shape of this vineyard is the typical Pergoletta Veronese.



The “Red” vineyard is our “newborn baby”!

It was planted on April 2017, the little grapevines are growing up and strengthening their roots.

In a couple of years we should be able to to harvest the first bunches and have the first satisfactions!

The breeding shapes of this vineyard are Pergola Trentina and Spalliera (espallier structure).



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