From our hand-harvested grapes growing in the “white vineyard”, we produce two wines:

MONTICELLI BIANCO, a still white wine, and CINCIALLEGRA SL, a sparkling white wine refermented in bottle.

These are wines that smell of grapes. We think that for making wine the only ingredient you need is good grape.

For doing so, we work listening and preserving the natural rhythm of each part of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the cellar.

It is a work made of observation and comprehension.

The vinification process begins in the vineyard and exactly there is where our wines get all of their characteristics.

We are speaking about the typical perfume and colour of the Garaganega and Trebbiano which can be found in our wines. They  are the result of the influence of calcareous soil were the vineyard grows and of the characteristics of the vintage, nothing more.

To obtain these results we leave the must in contact with the grapes’ skins after pressing  and we wait for the beginning of a spontaneous fermentations. We leave the wine resting into stainless steal tank with the grapes’ skins for some time after the ending of the fermentation.

The maceration we do is able to enhance the characteristics of the grapes and give to the wine the typical golden colour of the grapes.

During all the process we do not do any filtration or clarification or any other invasive and aggressive process. No outer products of any kind are added.

The final result is a wine with a strong structure, intense perfume and gold/orange colour.